DMCA Takedown

As we stated in our Disclaimer, does not publish any materials, copyright and related rights that (including distribution rights) belong to other persons or legal entities. In the event that such material has been published on the pages of the site, the copyright holder has the right to contact the administration to resolve this issue.

Here is the Option You choose on DMCA Takedown

  1. Replacing the reference of an existing application with the application provided by the copyright holder. It should be a reduced copy of the full application or a full application, but with advertising.
  2. The link to the application is replaced by a link to Google Play, Amazon, Appstore or the official site of the application.
  3. Removal of all links to the application from the site. To do this, the right owner must confirm his rights to the application on the site.

To proceed your Request just put the details below and our team will response as soon as possible.

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